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i am a fairy princess in free space. i weave and string magic with my hands. my kingdom is my comfort zone. i fly with my imagination.

i appear normal on the outside but i am extremely abnormal in the inside. i can sing but i cannot dance. i can write but i cannot draw. i can play a little of the keyboards but not of the guitar.

i love einstein and van gogh. i love my room and everything that’s in it except maybe the dust. i love music. i love late nights and late afternoons. i love my books and my laundry.

i value freedom, comfort and silence. i value family and friendships. i value relationships. i value things. i value Nature.

i hate dirty floors, dirty bathrooms and everything thats unclean. i hate disorder-literally and figuratively.

i loathe artists who get famous just by reviving old songs. i loathe drivers who think that the highway is a big race track. i loathe insects.

i learn by trying. i learn by living. i learn by reading. i learn by writing. i learn by listening. i learn by giving. i learn by loving.

i am currently in hibernation and i am officially bankrupt.

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